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  1. theMakings of Your Career

    You’ve got one life. It’s about the choices you want to make, the career you want to build and the life and community you want to create.

    theMakings won’t decide the path for you, but we will give you the time and skills to see the options available and get you moving.

    • Our survey revealed that in 2021: 41% of British workers want supportive leaders // 61% aged 3555+ want leaders to adopt a human approach ///

    • Our survey revealed that in 2021: 54% will change their work to make them happier in life ///

    • Our survey revealed that in 2021: Over 60% of British workers agree that socialising and interacting with others will have the most positive impact on their workplace experience ///

    • Our survey revealed that in 2021: 38% aged 18-35 say stress and mental health is the biggest challenge they face when it comes to succeeding at work ///

  2. theMakings of Your Business

    A modern business is more than ‘just’ a business. To thrive it has to be the catalyst for a better society.

    theMakings helps leaders develop the skills to perform in an environment that values who you are and what you contribute, not just how much money you can make.

  3. theMakings GiveBack

    When you work with us you support the next generation of leaders through our GiveBack programme.

    We partner with the most effective youth and education charities supporting movement towards a more diverse and representative workforce. 

    While we are not all born equal, we believe each of us has the inherent ability to lead.


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