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An intelligent coaching platform designed specifically to meet the needs of the next generation...

  1. theMakings 23 minutes

    theMakings 23 minute sessions take the best bits from the traditional coaching model to deliver an optimised experience designed specifically to meet the needs of the next generation – high impact and on-demand.

    Tackling challenges as they arise encourages structured ‘experiments’ that consistently move individuals forward and accelerate growth in their leadership across work and life.

  2. theMakings Powered by Technology

    High growth teams need a solution that develops talent quickly, at scale. Our optimised coaching sessions and sophisticated technology platform put the power in the hands of your future leaders – in a format and style that works for them.

    theMakings proprietary platform is uniquely designed to support our 23 minute coaching methodology with online session preparation, reflection and data driven individual progress measures. Intelligent coach matching connects individuals with their coach when they need them.

  3. theMakings Difference

    Our coaching team are a carefully selected, global team of inspiring and relatable coaches covering three continents and over 10 languages.

    Olympians, Ted talkers, Army veterans and business leaders, proudly bound by a shared mission to engage and develop millennial and Gen-Z leaders.

  4. theMakings GiveBack

    When you work with us you support the next generation of leaders through our GiveBack programme.

    We partner with the most effective youth and education charities supporting movement towards a more diverse and representative workforce. 

    While we are not all born with equal opportunity, we believe each of us has the inherent ability to lead.


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