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The Makings action


Measuring success matters

We thoughtfully use data to enhance the experience for each individual and enable members to track their progress throughout their programme.

theMakings personalise every interaction so that members understand the unique value they bring, enabling them to increase their capacity and contribute more in work, life and everywhere they intersect.

A strong research based coaching methodology maximises the return on the investment for the organisation and facilitates a better understanding of the needs of employees.


What our graduates say

theMakings graduates feel happier, braver, empowered and more positive, with improved ability to speak up and confidence to take ownership in their work.

+ 80% are more focused on their work.

+ 80% make better decisions based on their values. 

Working with high growth, at scale

We support scaling businesses through fast growth and act as partners through the thick and thin of building a business. 

Our flexible licence model enables long term engagement and flexibility to scale access to coaching and elevate capacity across the whole team. 

We accelerate growth of senior and emerging leaders, enable new starters to hit the ground sprinting or embed group learning programmes into everyday culture.