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The Makings ...approach


Engaging the next generation needs a different approach

Businesses and the modern workplace are being reimagined. Your future leaders expect empathy, constant communication and a clear path for professional and personal development.

Partnering with theMakings gives employers a platform to smartly invest in their people, stand apart from peers in the hunt for talent, boost leadership development and improve wellbeing across every level of the business.



Leadership starts on Day 1

Leadership isn’t about a level in the business or a job title. Leadership is who we are, the impact we have on others and the contribution we make to the world around us.

There are Future Leaders are waiting in the wings at every level of your organisation. 

theMakings 1:1 coaching brings out the unique leader in each individual and enables employers to customise programmes that align to organisational culture and behaviours.



Bring coaching to employees earlier

From the start, our coaching takes a unique approach. This is about maximising individuals’ unique power to lead and contribute to something bigger than themselves.

Happier, energetic and more focused employees foster a more collaborative, respectful and empowered workplace. 

theMakings graduates show an increased ability to relate to colleagues, take ownership and drive performance, earlier.