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theMakings 23 minutes

Our proprietary 23-minute sessions are grounded in science and built for the modern day employee. This High Touch High Accountability model tackles challenges as they arise and encourages a test and learn approach that consistently moves individuals forward, accelerating leadership in the workplace – and life outside it.

Customisable weekly session themes remove the “waste” of legacy coaching to drive clarity and focus and ensure each coaching interaction yields immediate, tangible benefits.

Member Experience

We thoughtfully use data to enhance the experience for each individual and enable employees to track their progress throughout their programme.

  1. Identify areas of focus

    Drive your own programme and set the direction from the start.

  2. Choose your coach

    You get a short list of coaches we think will be a great fit for you.

  3. Book a session

    At the day and time that suits you each week.

  4. Prepare and focus

    Choose a theme for each session to get the most out of your 23 minutes.

  5. Track your progress

    Track your performance throughout your programme.

Analytics &

It’s important to see a quantifiable return on the investment you make with us. We drive performance through a holistic purpose-based model, supported by targeted data & insights. Our measurement process covers all stages of the programme cycle.

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  1. Cohort

    Choose your future leaders.

  2. Number

    From 25 up to 250 individuals.

  3. Duration

    6, 12 or 24 months.

  4. Launch

    We drive engagement so you don’t have to.

  5. Track

    Live visibility of key metrics and progress.