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Victoria's Stats

  • Career

    Leading retail teams across operations, tech and organisational design

  • Coaching Quals

    ACF Diploma in Whole Person Coaching

  • Clients

    Career transitions and creative souls

  • Degree

    BA History

independence, fun, connection

My secret weapon….Humour. 

The toughest two jobs I had were in my twenties. And they made me grow up quickly. The first was leading a team of front line managers, mostly much older, mostly thought (not without reason) I was a jumped up grad. The other, providing career guidance to former inmates. 

Neither situation lent itself to success for a graduate fresh out of university. But a sense of humour stood me in good stead. The ability to draw out a laugh and be a bit playful helped me find some common ground and establish strong relationships in an unlikely place. 

Energy, optimism and an element of levity help me find my own way and I tend to make the greatest music with creatively-oriented individuals looking to make a shift in their lives.

Connection begins with finding common ground and this is my starting point with coaching. The best coaching feels like a great conversation. 

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