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Ruth's Stats

  • Career Background

    Investment Banking

  • Coaching Quals

    Associate Credited Coach (ACC) with the Association for Coaching from from Henley Business School

  • Clients

    Fast moving ambitious young leaders

  • Other Quals

    MBTI psychometrics practitioner

integrity, loyalty, kindness

Prior to coaching, I spent 18 years in Investment Banking on fast paced and boisterous trading floors. The personalities drawn to this ambitious, driven and stressful environment fascinated me and piqued my long held interest in people and their behaviours. My clients appreciate that I have experienced the pace, environment and challenges that they often face and we quickly build rapport because of this. 

I chose to leave Investment Banking in 2012 to pursue my dream of supporting and developing ambitious people, at all levels, achieve their full potential. Since then, I have 1500+ hours of coaching experience, working across Media, Finance & Sales. Combining personal insight with results proven coaching techniques, my approach identifies and challenges behaviours that have become unhelpful habits and provides practical and solid tools for change.