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Rebecca's Stats

  • Career

    FMCG Supply Chain Director

    Commercial Strategy & Planning

    Organisational Design & Leadership Development

  • Coaching quals

    Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching and Behavioural Change

    EMCC & Association for Coaching

  • Clients

    Senior Leaders

    Fast growth scale ups

  • Degree

    BSC Supply Chain and Logistics

balance, trust, freedom

I went on a steep trajectory from graduate to director in just seven years. I was a strong operator, transactional and focussed on getting results. But really, my story starts when I became a director – because I had no leadership capability at all! I was totally out of my depth.

When I moved to another multinational, these people called ‘coaches’ helped me. It was as though a whole new world had opened up to me: taking personal responsibility, choosing the way you feel, understanding yourself and how you related to other people. I couldn’t believe that I’d never known about all this stuff.

From that point onwards, I made it my business to know as much about this world as possible. I was then asked whether I’d like to be a coach within the company. It was like “Ping!” but it took a move to a fast growth business to convince me.

I use that experience and my learning to now coach senior executives in fast growth companies. Every one of my clients is breaking new ground and taking on a broken industry.

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