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    Degree: BA Psychology
    MA Counselling


    +2,500 hours


    Leadership Development Consultant


    English and French

authenticity, passion, purpose

Born in Cairo, Egypt, I grew up in the French speaking part of Switzerland, until my recent move in 2017 to Spain. My work as a consultant for a leading global firm exposed me to a large array of organizations in fields such as fast moving consumer goods, high tech manufacturing, medical technology, financial services, private foundations and non-governmental organizations. 

I have worked with diverse populations in transition ranging from adolescents / young adults to senior executives. My international background positions me well for addressing cross-cultural issues and supporting students, businesses and individuals in mid-career in their development and growth. 

I bring an eclectic style to my sessions drawing on many tools including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator in helping individuals identify their strengths and preferences. I draw largely on the work of Shirzad Chamine, using positive intelligence as a basis for helping people grow their core mental muscles in order to enhance their ability to meet daily challenges with a positive mindset.