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Lucy's Stats

  • Degree

    BA Economics and Law

  • Coaching Quals

    ICF PGCERT in Business and Personal Coaching

  • Career background

    Online retail wizard

  • Clients

    Creating a different lifestyle

freedom, humour, perspective

I’ve been lucky. I grew up in the northern countryside and for the most part I had fun at school and held my own in sport. I was lucky that I graduated the year before the 2008 financial crash when there were still more jobs than graduates. Less lucky that the advice my parents gave to me was to choose something “useful”. I chose audit. It didn’t last long. Instead, I went to the world of supermarkets. Feeding the nation. You can’t get more useful than that.

Sport and leadership coaching played a big role in the early years of my career. Having a coach for both was a given and they took me from being average to somewhere near decent. It made me wonder. Why don’t we use coaches for our life like we do in sport? To make a good performance even better.

Now I’m building theMakings. It has coaching at its core. Individual performance and contribution as its focus. For us, building a better society starts with how each of us individually chooses to lead our own lives and businesses.

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