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Kris's stats

  • Career background

    Private Banking

  • Degree


  • Coaching quals

    Diploma in transformational coaching
    Accredited Diploma in Coaching Supervision

  • Clients

    Future leaders planning and setting goals for their future

freedom, growth, authenticity

When I started university, I longed to study something like psychology or journalism, but my parents told me I was going to study economics instead.

I was good at maths and economics, so this wasn’t totally out of left field and I went on to work in Private Banking for almost a decade. 

Now, I’m a coach and coach supervisor. I help others rediscover their passions, their potential, and to let go of what we can’t control to become more engaged at work and in life. Whether you’re looking for clarity in your life or a newfound sense of passion and purpose, coaching is here to help you identify what ignites your soul and sets it on fire. I coach in English and Russian.

I am also a wife and a mum, living in London with my little cat(astrophe) Lady.