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Daniel's Stats

  • Coaching Quals

    Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the ICF

  • Other quals

    Metabolic Typing Advisor
    Mitochondrial Therapy
    Holistic Lifestyle Coach

  • Clients

    Future Leaders building resilience and focused on managing stress and time management

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truth, freedom, courage

I describe myself as a performance coach. Performance to me is getting beyond where we imagine to be possible, be that physically or mentally. The stories we tell ourselves are often the central thing that holds us back over any real limitation. 

For a long time, the stories I told myself stopped me from doing the things I said I wanted to achieve. It took a personal crisis to shake me out of it and set myself on a different trajectory. Now I realise a coach could have done the same thing which on the whole, is a far less painful strategy!

I use my background in performance sport and meditation in my coaching to help clients connect mind and body. There is always time in a session to slow down, connect with the breath, understand what is going on physiologically to enable greater understanding and open the mind. My coaching style will always feel challenging and direct but you’ll have the space to explore and slow down too.

I’m currently based in London where with my wife and two children.