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Blair's Stats

  • Career

    Former British Army Officer

  • Degree

    MSc International Affairs

  • Coaching Quals

    Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the ICF

  • Clients

    Leaders building an anti-fragile mindset

fortitude, authenticity, tranquillity
The approach to change is underpinned by our mindset. Together we can create an environment where teams and individuals choose the right thing to do – not the easy thing; to see adversity and failure as an opportunity; to become agile and learn; to build in diversification and reserves to absorb shocks; to focus on what is within your control; and to be creative.
My formative years in Southern Africa established a thirst for adventure that led to a career as an Officer in the British Army. This chapter in my life was an immersion into challenging environments with extraordinary people; making sense of chaos. Where influence, care and fortitude were tested.
I graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and later completed an MSc in International Affairs. As a performance coach I now partner with leaders and high performing teams in developing anti-fragile mindsets to prevail when one is faced with challenge and change.

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