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What happens in the matching call?

It’s thirty minutes and it’s for us to find out more about you and vice versa. We’ll talk about where things are for you right now and what you’re looking to achieve, and we’ll also take you through the practical side of how things work with us and your coaching programme.

How can I prepare for the matching call?

There are 5 questions to answer when you book the call which should get you thinking. On the call we will be interested in where things are in your career and life right now, where you’d like them to be and how quickly you’d like to get there. We also want to learn how you enjoy working and what motivates you.

I don’t have clear answers for the questions above, does it matter?

Don’t worry a lot of clients don’t have clarity when they start coaching. As a starting point to help articulate how things are for you now, score different areas of your life 1 – 5, it’s a quick and easy way to help communicate what’s going well and what isn’t so great!

What happens after the matching call?

We can get you started with a coach in under a week if you’re raring to go. After the matching call we’ll send you your coaching programme the same day and you’ll set up your chemistry call with your coach from there.

What is the chemistry call?

This call is for you and your coach to understand if you have the right connection to work together on what you want to achieve. It’s your chance to experience coaching with the coach we’ve matched you with. Follow your instincts, you’ll know if it feels right.

I loved my chemistry call, how do I get started?

Brilliant! If you are ready to go you can book your first session with your coach at the end of the chemistry call, so have your diary ready. If you want time to reflect before jumping in you can also book a call for later in the week with your coach.

How does payment work?

All payments happen through our payment provider Stripe. When you book your first coaching session with your coach you’ll receive an email asking you to make the payment in full or for your first instalment.

How the instalment plan work?

We will send you a link to pay your monthly instalment, same time each month over the length of your programme.

What happens once I’ve signed up?

Once you’ve booked your first session you’ll hear from us about payment and you’ll receive your welcome pack!
We’re here for anything you need at any point and we’ll check in towards the end of your programme.