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Diversity and Inclusion

Our Commitment

To Diversity, Inclusion and Greater Equality

theMakings exists to shape leaders to build a better society. We believe that coaching has the power to transform the lives of anyone in the world, regardless of colour, creed, class, gender or sexuality, and we are committed to demonstrating that power. We also believe coaching can help transform and support companies to become actively equal and inclusive work places.

But if we are to fulfil that purpose, to create a coaching company that embraces all and actively supports companies’ efforts to become equal and inclusive, we must first acknowledge the work to be done within the coaching industry to promote diversity and foster accessibility in under-resourced communities.

There is a lot we can do to promote and support diversity in an industry that is still too easily characterised as white, privileged and exclusive. To that end, we make the following tangible and measurable commitments to creating and presenting a more diverse and inclusive industry:

1. Internal culture and staffing:

  • We are using existing internal resources, as well as external support, to ensure our current team feels supported and that each of our coaches is educated and trained on the issues surrounding diversity, representation and equality in our industry.
  • We are actively recruiting additional  coaches to our platform and community that represent diverse backgrounds and a broad cross-section of cultural experiences in order to create a more inclusive, representative and stronger team.
  • We are supporting the next generation of talent through active employment and engagement with our brand, including a creative team comprised entirely of students .

2. Giveback: We are creating charitable partnerships and building mechanisms into our business model and user experience that allow our partners to directly support coaching resources for those who could otherwise not afford to do so. We believe that coaching provides the tools and confidence to pursue dreams and that no individual should be deprived of those opportunities and  resources. .

As a brand with communication at its heart, listening and learning is essential to realising our best. For any immediate questions or thoughts regarding this statement, please contact us using the link below.

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